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Olstind Fjord , Lofoten Islands , Norway.

"Having only a short time to take in the immense beauty of Lofoten, I (understandably) tried to fit in as much shooting as possible and if the light wasn't being friendly to shooting I spent the time exploring new locations and compositions for future visits.
On this particular afternoon I was umming and ahhing about where to shoot sunset, should I stay in and around Reine or jump in the car and head elsewhere???. After changing my mind two or three times (in reality more like 15 or 20) the decision was made to make use of the wheels we had and go exploring for a new location.

Happy in that decision we jumped in the car and started to head off.....and made it less than a kilometre...(for those that know the Lofoten area, our accomodation was in Sakrisøy and we made it to Hamnoy lol) before seeing this...

Needless to say we didn't bother going any further, it was almost as if someone from above was saying "don't bother, stay"....(thanks Ron)"