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Utakleiv Beach , Vestvågøy , Lofoten Islands , Norway.

"It was a normal landscape photographer's morning, at the sound of very loud alarm at some ungodly time of the morning (some would say middle of the night...) I sprang out of bed (maybe a slight exaggeration...) and checked out the window the conditions for the morning ahead (no need to really, it had been pissing down rain all night). But still, we were in Lofoten, a place that I've been dreaming about since picking up a camera so I was determined to make the most of every minute I had here.

The plan for sunrise (hahaha albeit a wet one) was Utakleiv, a gorgeous beach with some interesting rock formations that a mate had given me the heads up on. Upon arrival the rain had increased, so much so that the cars windshield wipers were no match but eventually (after an hour or so power nap in the drivers seat) there was a small break in the rain that let me scope out the terrain. I knew it wasn't going to be my morning when the local sheep had taken cover under anything that resembled a bit of shelter! But i wanted a shot from this place so I ran back to the car and grabbed my gear plus my girlfriends jacket (to cover my camera, and in all honestly she was still asleep and wasn't using it lol) and hoped for just a few seconds in between rain squalls to get a couple of shots in.

First stoppage in the rain and I start to compose a shot...only to drop one of my filters in the sand and scratch the @%$t out of it while trying to wipe it clean. Eventually, and boy do I mean eventually the big fella upstairs obviously felt sorry for me and put a holt on proceedings and let me get four or five frames in.....before unleashing a downpour on top of me as I retreated for the shelter of our hire car. Just between you and me...I loved every minute of it!"